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Device Requirement:

android requirement
OS Android 5.0+
Adreno 630
4 GB
hard disk
2 GB

Developed by Socialpoint, Dragon City apk for mobile is the most alluring entertainment game of dragons that allows its users to train and nourish a variety of magnificent dragons to combat their competitors. This Android package permits you to download and install and enjoy all features conveniently on your mobile screen.

Dragon City Mod Apk Video

Levels of Dragon City Apk

All levels in the dragon city gameplay are full of excitement and challenges from breeding season to organizing the army. Just, tie your knot and absorb all the interesting facts to become a competent player.

Breeding and Collecting Dragons

Opportunities to discover Dragons and to add them to your collection are endless as more than 1000 Dragons are available and their numbers are increasing weekly. The best thrilling aspect of this game is to breed and collect dragons as all dragons possess unique skills that make them valuable on the battlefield.

The process to Gain Strenght

Follow these steps to increase your strength:

  • First Construct a home or specify some space for breeding
  • second strategically add compatible dragons to hatch new and sometimes rare eggs that will be enlisted into your gang.

Mix dragons of different elements like Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water, and fill your kingdom with unique dragons.

Training and Battling of Dragons

Adding more dragons to your army is not a big deal, You have to train them for specific tasks. Trained and capable dragons boost your Power and increase the possibility of winning. So, critically analyze your dragon’s secret potential and engage them in different thrilling PvP battles against other masters.

PVP battles in Dragon City Apk?

Pvp (player-versus-player)battles are played between the users in the Dragon City game. This mode allows users to showcase their dragons’ strength and power, earning rewards upon successfully defeating their opponents. Use these rewards to build plus buy new skins and expand your empire by way of building.

Cool Down Period of Dragons

If a dragon dies or is injured during battle it does not mean that the dragon is permanently dead and never came back. Instead, they go under “Recovery time” or “cool down period” to regain their strength.

Top Most Powerful Dragons

The top 5 powerful Dragons are here:

  • Hexed Vampire Dragon
  • Prideful Vampire Dragon.
  • Pure Dragon
  • Usurper Vampire Dragon
  • High Voodoo Vampire Dragon

Protect Your Kingdom from Invaders

Be careful if someone tries to attack your territory, and make sure your dragons are prepared to defend against any attackers. Use defense mechanisms and always be equipped to cope with unwanted situations .it’s important to keep your dragon’s city safe and let the Dragons enjoy their life.

Dragon Orbs

Dragon Orbs are some special types of items that players collect to bring a dragon into the game,. Collect around 100 Dragon Orbs of a specific dragon to summon it up. However, if you have collected at least 80% of the required Dragon Orbs, you can use Joker Orbs as a substitute for the remaining orbs. Once you have gathered and fulfilled the necessary Dragon Orbs, you can summon and add that dragon to your collection.

Building and Expanding Your Dragon City

Besides breeding and battles, Dragon City challenges you to create a flourishing metropolis for your dragons. Construct and customize your own Dragon City, complete with buildings, decorations, and infrastructure. Unlock new islands and expand your city to accommodate a growing number of dragons. Always plan ahead and use your resources wisely. Collect Dragon City unlimited Gems by participating in different activities like attending new live sessions, accomplishing goals successfully, and seeing ads of dragons on screen. Also, use your earned Gems and unlimited delicately throughout the game.

Interacting with a Vibrant Group

Dragon City for Mobile provides you with a chance to connect to a large community of Dragon Masters from across the world. Join forces, participate in events, and compete in multiplayer modes to earn exclusive rewards. Collaborate with other players to unlock rare dragons through cooperative breeding and exchange tips and strategies to enhance your dragon-raising skills.

Remember, the key to success in the dragon city game 2023 is communication, integrity, and collaboration. By working together with other players, sharing knowledge, and supporting each other, you’ll have a better chance of unlocking rare dragons and advancing in the game. Enjoy the journey!

Stay Informed

Keep up-to-date with game updates, new dragon releases, and any changes in breeding mechanics regularly. Understanding the game’s mechanics and staying informed about updates will help you plan your breeding strategies effectively.

HD Graphics

Graphics play a vital role in the video because they are responsible for what players see on the screen. so this game is full of High Definition graphics that make the surroundings more realistic and attract its users. Beautiful skilled dragons under different skins make this game more compelling. Whether you’re playing on your phone or PC, you can enjoy the stunning visuals that bring the world of Dragon City to life.

How to Download Dragon CityApk Indir Free for Android

Here you will find Dragon City apk download procedure for free

  • Locate and press the download button under the table
  • The system will redirect you to the download page of the Dragon City Apk game
  • Click the Download button
  • Your file will be started to download in less than 10 seconds


Dragon City APK unlimited everything brings its players to the world of dragon breeding and battling directly to your Android device. With its vast collection of dragons, intense PvP encounters, super-structured buildings, and lively community, Dragon City provides endless hours of entertainment and excitement.

Raise, breed, and train your dragons to become the marvelous Dragon Master and dominate the skies of Dragon City!

Let the adventure begin!


Yes, You can download it from the Google play store.

Dragon City is an online game. You can use WIFI,3G, and 4G services to play this powerful game..

The latest version includes minor bug fixes and improvements. Make sure to install or update to experience the newest enhancements.

Dragon City Mobile occupies approximately 298.70 megabytes (MB) of storage space, but you need some extra to play this game smoothly.

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