Dragon City Elements and What beats What in Dragon City?

Dragon city is all about dragons’ powers and users acquire knowledge about Dragon City elements so that they can get the gears imperative to beat a specific powerful dragon. The battlefields and tournaments are all about the weaknesses and strengths of dragons participating in the gameplay. Players win the events in two ways, the former by using their minds and later by using known facts and figures.

While Looking deep down into the game, the player is always curious to know about, Dragon City elements. What are those elements that could lead to winning many levels as well as help in leveling up fast successfully? As every group of Dragons has separate elements, attack tactics to use, and defeat or get defeat on the battlefield.


Thinking about Dragon City Elements?

Check out the table for the complete details:

ElementsWeaknessesResistanceEffective Opposite toResisted Through
Plant ElementEarth, IceDarkWaterFire
Electric ElementWaterElectric MetalWater, Fire, MetalEarth
Fire ElementWater, ElectricIce, Metal, Plant, FireIce, Water, PlantMetal, Earth, Fire
Water ElementFire, DarkEarth, Water, PlantEarth, Fire, ElectricIce
Earth ElementIce, Water, MetalElectric, FireNothingMetal, Water
Ice ElementFire, MetalWaterEarthFire
Metal Element ElectricFire, Earth, MetalIce, EarthElectric, Fire

What are the attacking Elements in Dragons City?

As per many Dragons’ groups and a number of characteristics, there are different elements as well. It is necessary for the players to understand the attacking symbols. Those elements are identified with the symbols. The list of those elements and symbols are listed below:

Symbol Name Of Elements
terra element token Tera
flame element token Flame
sea element token Sea
nature element token  Nature
electric element token Electric
ice element token  Ice
metal element token Metal
dark element token Dark
light element token  Light
war element token War
pure element token Pure
legend element token Legend
primal element token Primal
what beats what in dragon city
Some More Element Tokens in Dragon City

What is a Good Battle Chart in Dragon City?

Depending on Dragon City elements together with what beats what in Dragon city!? Let us scoot into the world of symbols.

Dragon City elements

Look at the beautiful chart we have prepared for you so that you can get a better understanding as a picture is considered better than a thousand words. You get the whole motif by way of this battle chart image.

you can look in the above box at the list of 4 most damaging categories, it is crystal clear that the worst damage that we can anticipate is multiplying 2 damage and the least damage that we can expect is “No Effect” which illustrates a sort of no damage whatsoever.


In the game Dragon City, every dragon may have more than one element up to four in number, spending the group it belongs to. It is a plus point for a Dragon’s strength if it has four elements, as it can learn four different moves.

The basic and foremost elements are the first and Primary element that includes trained moves, weakness, and strength.

In the game available at the store, elements with totally different natures can’t be bred together. In this case, the opposite can be settled together rather than they would repel, for instance, Dark and Light or Ice and Fire, can’t be bred.

We all know every game contains some sort of reward for the purpose of attracting the players, hence same is the case in Dragon City. Element token is a kind of reward players get on looking at the calendar or after playing an event. It helps you to upgrade levels within the game.

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