Guide on Selling Dragons in Dragon City

Selling dragons is the most profitable trade in the game, so, we are come up with a complete Guide on Selling Dragons in Dragon City because as a new player it is quite knotty to become conversant with such tricks. Selling dragons is one of the best ways to obtain gems and gold. Therefore, you need to collect as many dragons as you can.

But as a novice player, you cannot sell dragons, and in the initial levels, the Sell Button will also not appear, but you still need to collect them. You can collect dragons until you get the sell button to trade these best creatures for some profits. The button emerges on level 14th of the game.


Steps included in the guide on selling Dragons in Dragon City

Once you reach level 14th and then the sell button pops up in the game for you, it’s time to retail the dragons and earn some gold and gems.

Follow the below steps to learn to sell the best creatures.

  • Go to the dragon book in the gameplay.
  • And click on the habitat where the dragons are located that you want to sell.
  • You will get a list of dragons ready for selling when you click on the habitat.
  • Select the dragon you want to trade.
  • After that, you will see the Sell Button.
  • After liking the sell button, the price will appear.
  • If you agree with the price, confirm and move with the sale.

How easy it is to trade dragons, but you can only do that when you have collected a lot of them for retail.

Guide on Selling Dragons in Dragon City

Dragons for trading

You cannot trade all dragons in the game, as some of them are not eligible for trading. And also, you can only sell those dragons at level 4 or above. Below level 4, dragons are also not tradable, even if the game allows you to sell them.

Therefore, it’s imperative to learn these two types of categories and then wait for them to achieve the desired level so that they can be sold.


The C stands for common in the game; similarly, VR means very rare, and R means rare. Likewise, L means legendary, and these are all short forms of the types of dragons.

Although common dragons aren’t good in gold production and yield the worst gold, they are good as fillers when you don’t have any higher type in the game. Your aim in the game should d be to get rare and very rare dragons, as they are the best in gold production.


Dragon city developed by social point is the most popular game in the simulation category that lets you breed and feed dragons and prepare them for future quests. Besides dragons, you will find buildings, habitats, and farms in the game, along with many bounties such as keys and gems.

There are many ways of gaining gold and gems, and one such way is selling dragons, and in this article, we have provided a complete Guide on Selling Dragons in Dragon City. We hope that it will prove to be helpful in the game.

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