How Many Dragons are there in Dragon City?

Dragon city is not a new game to gamers, but not everyone knows how many dragons are there in dragon city especially the newbies. This game is a hub of wonders, and the game’s primary feature is dragons. This world-famous game contains a huge variety of dragons in it with each dragon possessing sundry capabilities together with powers and strengths. Video gamers choose the dragon of their choice according to their aptitude plus interest.

Everything and the activity revolving around the dragons. Therefore, it’s pivotal to know about the dragon number and category. These wonderful dragons can help you a lot throughout your game journey. The gameplay is encompassed by full of dragon milieu. The environment becomes even more interesting when you gather a lot of gems and then buy a powerful dragon out of these rewards. Then you utilize these dragons for either selling purposes or for the purpose of getting victories against your adversaries.

All you need to know about How Many Dragons are there in Dragon City

One of my friends asked me How Many Dragons are there in Dragon City, and I was wondering about that question because of the fact we care about mango and not about the kernel. So I am determined to answer this question now.

As mentioned above, the game is all about dragons, in which you breed and feed dragons to make them participate in different battles. Also, you can trade them in exchange for gold and gems.


You will be surprised to know that you can collect and breed more than 1000 dragons in the game. You can also train them to participate in dragon quests. All these dragons belong to diverse categories, and they have different elements and powers. Moreover, the developers of dragon city are working round the clock in order to provide diversity in the game by adding new dragons from time to time.

Legendary dragon

These are unique dragons having special powers. They brood in the game at level 70 and above and are twice the health and strength compared to other dragons in the game. In addition, they are much larger than others having several distinct colors, such as purple and red. The famous legendary dragons are Legacy, Crystal, Kratos, and Pure Titan.

How Many Dragons are there in Dragon City

Very rare dragons

This category’s dragons are rare and less common than the other breeds. This category has different types of dragons, some are strong, and some are weakest, depending on their elements. Some famous dragons of this very rare class are Terra, Flame, Sea, Dark, and Light.

Rare dragons

These dragons are restricted to a few isolated areas and can only cover a small range. The trending rare dragons are Tasmanian, Death, Basilisk, Sargasso, and Humming.

Common dragons

These dragons have the weirdest gold production and are available from the very start of the game. The players can use these dragons as fillers until they don’t have rare and legendary dragons. The famous common dragons are Scrooge, Bull, Permafrost, Rook, Cubic, and Everest.


Yes, it’s possible to have all dragons in the game, as each habitat can be upgraded to level 7 and has the potential to accommodate nine dragons at a time.

Currently, the game has 200 levels that the players can achieve. It is anticipated by the game lover circles that developers will release some new levels in recent times.

The strange is a legendary dragon with the primary type of legend, and it can also learn the light and metal moves.


The dragon city game has more than 1000 dragons with different attributes and powers. It’s pretty hard to name all the 1000 dragons, but we have covered the popular dragon categories in the article above. Players can acquire the game and can enjoy this wonderful world full of diverse creatures with multiple attributes each.

If you are still wondering about How Many Dragons are there in Dragon City, you can go through the above article in detail. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. We will welcome you in this regard.

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