How to Delete a Dragon City Account

When players do not find enough time to play the game they certainly look for how to delete a Dragon City account. If you are bored of playing or annoyed by getting tons of emails and wish to cancel your Dragon City account, you landed on an exact article written to let you know how to delete your Dragon City account or either deactivate it. We will put our exertions to provide you with all ins and outs regarding removing your account.

Dragon City, Being the most popular game on social networks since 2012, with its different and unique genres, it is being widely played by all age groups. Although it is obvious that binge-playing one game for years is not possible as human nature loves change and social media users move forward with the trend, which keeps on shifting in every zone of entertainment. Last but not least it could be the case with any kind of game that we play online or after downloading it from the play store.

Is Dragon City Good?

When one searches on the internet about, how to delete a Dragon City account found many related articles to the relevant topic will have an utter blink of thought about whether is Dragon City a good game. Or it was just you playing it for so long!? 

So Wait! and before thinking to delete the game keep in mind that this game is famous worldwide. Those number of dragons keeps the player engaged from babies to grown-up beasts making it distinctive from any other game. Perhaps, it’s a different thing that you’ve got bored of and want to try some other games. 

We have written the most-handy ways to delete your Dragon City account, or else you can deactivate or simply disconnects it from your Facebook.

How to Delete a Dragon City Account?

Step 1. Login to your email id which you registered with the game app.

Step 2.  Hit the compose tab, enter the recipient [email protected], and subject “Request to Delete My Game Account.”

Step 3. In the mail request to erase all your game-related data and completely remove your account.


How to Unlink Dragon City from Facebook

Follow these steps below:

Step 1. On your Facebook account go to the “settings” option present in the top right corner of your profile

Step 2. Find out Apps and websites linked with your Facebook account in the search of settings

Step 3. Simply click on the box next to the Dragon City app, then click the removes option.

Tadaa! You successfully removed the App from your Facebook account now no game post would appear on your Facebook timeline. Meanwhile, if you’re looking to just delete your game data from your mobile phone then,

Follow these steps below:

Step 1. Unlock your android mobile phone and go to “Settings”.

Step 2. Then select the “Apps” option

Step 3.Out of the list of all mobile phone applications. Find and select Dragon City.

Step 4. Here you will find the clear cache button, Tap on the “Clear cache” button.


Bottom line

Dragon City is the only social media game, that keeps on updating and brings new features and characters which keeps the players intact and anxious about the game. This game captures millions of fans around the globe in its entertainment charm on the score of user-friendly as well as interesting gameplay. Still choice and mood can always shift from one to another following certain social media trends. So, we look forward to client ease and have provided the solution that answers all the queries on how to delete a dragon city account.

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