How to Get Free Gems in Dragon City 2022

Dragon city is a 3D adventure game in which Players’ basic concern is about how to get free gems in Dragon City. In this game, you have your farm of dragons. You build a dragon city and collect different dragon breeds there. There are many dragon breeds available in the game that you collect and train.

Why do you train dragons? First, you train them to fight against the other players or AI-powered dragon fighters in the game. Also, when you level up in the game, you can unlock new powers and abilities, which help to improve battle performance.

You can also challenge dragons from other regions to fight with your dragons in PvP battles. Additionally, multiple rewards and resources are waiting for you in the game.

How to get free gems in Dragon City 2022

Everyone desires to learn how they can get into dragon city because, without gems, you cannot level up the hatchery, buy a new island or even win a Herrick dragon.

So today, we will explain how you can get free gems in dragon city 2022 after getting the game.


Lucky liar feature

With this feature, you have a chance to win five gems every day, but it is a risky one because when you miss a single opportunity, you will have to pay 15 gems to get another try to win 5 gems.

Watching ads

Another way to collect gems is to watch ads in the dragon cinema. We all know that watching ads is a tedious and annoying activity, but if you want free gems, you will have to spend some time watching ads.


You can also collect free gems by taking surveys in the game. They do take a lot of time; however, if you get gems at the end, it’s worth it.


To collect free gems, you can also perform tasks in freebies island nonetheless, be careful as most of these tasks are scams and require you to buy some applications or invest in crypto to get gems. If you also face such a situation, don’t invest or buy anything.


It is the most preferred way to get free gems. You can get at least 5 gems by competing for these aims. Complete as many goals as you want and collect gems.


They are an amazing way to get free gems. Leagues are complex; you must smash eight players to get 3 to 6 gems. Beware of hackers in the leagues, and restart if you suspect any.

how to get free gems in dragon city

Unique points of attraction in the Dragon City

Dragon City is an addictive game that has some great features.

Build an island

In the game, you build yourself a magical city and fill it with habitats, buildings, and dragons.

Feed the Dragons

You feed the dragons in the game to make them more powerful. If you have a mighty army of dragons, there are more chances to defeat opponents.

Train Dragons

You not only feed but also train dragons and teach them new skills. The purpose is the same as the conquest of rivals.

Collect Dragons

You can collect up to 600 dragons of different abilities to complete your dragon book. Collect as many dragons as possible to become the game’s top collector.


Dragon city is a thrilling game where you not only build a complete island but also provide different amenities such as buildings. You train and feed dragons to make them robust, win leagues and tournaments, and defeat enemies.

In the game, you need different things, such as gems, to level up. Therefore, we have shared different ways how to get free gems in dragon city.

Overall, it’s a super fun game, and we recommend you play dragon city.

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