How to get Friends in Dragon City?

Dragon city game has many features that let us enjoy the game to its fullest. We can play the game with our amigos, but how to get friends in dragon city? is the real point of concern for unfeigned charm inclusion in the gameplay. This article will explain the ways to add friends to the game so that you can cherish the gaming recreation as you do in actual environments.

Adding companions in the game is very rewarding, and you can earn many prizes plus gems on the score that you make more members join the community. If you also want to earn more rewards in the game, invite your confidants to the dragon city and make this platform more entertaining.

Methods: How to get Friends in Dragon City?

You can add friends to the game, but how to get friends in Dragon city, or how to invite them to this resplendent and world-famous game? So let’s get started to learn the methods of getting confidante on board.

Through Facebook

There are many ways to invite friends to the game; the simplest is adding them through Facebook.

Follow the below steps to connect with your buddies on the social platform.

  • Click on the menu icon in the game, which is located at the bottom left corner.
  • Then tap on the social icon.
  • Here, you will see a list of different social features. For example, select Facebook and then click on invite.
  • Now, select the friends you want to send an invitation to play the game.
  • Once your buds accept the request, they will be added to the game, and you can play with them.
how to get friends in dragon city

Through Recruitment Tavern

One another method to enjoy the game with your friends is through a recruitment tavern. If you don’t use Facebook, you must be thinking about how to get friends on dragon city without Facebook. Don’t worry, as we have approaches that allow you to invite buddies into the game without social media podium.

  • Select the recruitment tavern in the game.
  • Then click on get a friend icon.
  • From here, you can select your confidants and send them an invitation to play the game.
  • Once your mates accept the request, they will join the game and can start playing.

But you have to fulfill a few requirements for sending join requests to them. Here are the necessities.

  • Your friends should have played something other than the dragon city game.
  • To enter the game, they have to accept the request.
  • The requests should be accepted within2 4 hours as they expire after one day.
  • The developers quickly detect fake accounts and disqualify them; therefore always play and send invitations to the original accounts.
  • Your pals have to compete for the tutorial first before they start playing.

Through dragon market

This is another method through which you can add friends to the game. Follow the steps to complete the process.

  • Select the dragon market.
  • Now select the item you want to get, like gold or food.
  • After that, click on recruit friend.
  • Select the pals and send them the game requests.
  • Your buddies can enter the game after accepting the request.


You can make companions in the game through Facebook. For this purpose, you have to connect the game with this social platform. After connecting through Facebook, you can make friends with anyone who uses this application and also plays the dragon city game.

You should have an account on Facebook, and your amigos should also be on the same platform to be added to the game.

You can go to the player profile you want to invite to the alliance and click on the invite button, after that wait for them to accept your request. Please note that only the alliance leader or general can send these invitations.


As all of us are conversant with the very fact that the charm of any simulation game becomes doubled by the involvement and active participation of our fellows, friends, and family members. Many video gamers asked questions on our site about how to get friends in dragon city, which is why we have formed this article for them. Let’s enjoy the game

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