How to Get Maze Coins in Dragon City?

There are many currencies in dragon city that you can collect including maze coins but how to get maze coins in Dragon City is a point that we are going to address. Each currency helps you unlock more content and has a different role. One such currency is maze coins, which are used to unlock maze monsters.

Maze coins play an essential role in the game, but they aren’t that easy to collect. Therefore, we will tell you how to get maze coins in dragon city.

Useful Tips on How to get maze coins in Dragon City?

With specific conditions and restrictions, you can collect maze coins in the dragon city game. Below are the possible ways to collect maze coins in the game.

  • During the maze event period, you can collect up to 600 coins after every 8 hours.
  • You can collect maze coins by collecting food, breeding, and feeding dragons. After every action, the maze icon will appear on the coin collection screen.
  • You can only collect 600 coins in a single event. For more collections, wait for another collection window to open.

Invisible dragons

You can use maze coins to unlock various dragons but be careful before spending too many coins early as some dragons appear later in the game, which can be helpful in your quests and tournaments. Therefore, keep some collections for later use to unlock delayed dragons.

how to get maze coins in dragon city


You can collect maze coins fastest by participating in the maze event period and performing activities such as food, gold collection, dragon breeding, and feeding.

If you want to get your friends and neighbors in the dragon city game, you can connect them through your Facebook. A Facebook button on your screen will guide you to communicate with your friend on Facebook who plays Dragon city.

Fog coins are used for opening chests and maps. You can get these coins by feeding the dragons. This currency helps you get gold, gems, food, and several other items.

You need almost 900 coins for the maze monster. After participating in two maze events, you can easily collect this amount.

Maze coins can only be used for the running event and do not carry over to the next event. So if you don’t spend the coins, they are lost and wasted.

The white rose is a unique legendary dragon with many abilities and elements. You can get this dragon by spending 9,895 maze coins.

What are the best legendary dragons in Dragon City?

The best legendary dragons in the dragon city are

  • Light Titan Dragon
  • War Titan Dragon
  • Primal Titan Dragon
  • Metal Titan Dragon
  • Dark Titan Dragon
  • Prideful Vampire Dragon
  • Wrathful Vampire Dragon
  • Gluttonous Vampire Dragon


Dragon city is a fun game present on Google Play that is equally suitable for all age groups. As the name of the game suggests, this is all about dragons’ powers. You breed and feed these dragons to prepare them for battle participation. Also, for different events, you need other dragons with specific abilities.

You can unlock dragons using diverse methods, and one such way is maze coins. How to get maze coins in dragon city has been elaborated to brim with a complete guide in this article. Furthermore, This is a rare currency that is used to unlock dragons. You can collect the coins in the maze events that occur after every 8 hours. A single event lets you collect 600 coins.

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