How to Get Tickets in Dragon City

You know that Dragon City is filled with different bounties to make your dragons resilient. One such reward is the tickets. How to get tickets in Dragon City is the common enquiry of the players as they serve many benefits including winning battles and altering dragon properties. This article explains how to assemble those keys and rise as the strongest contestant in the clashes.

It is an amazing simulation game developed by social point. It takes you into a magical world of dragons where you build an entire farm for them. Not only that, but you also breed and feed dragons and prepare them for different quests.

A Guide on How to get Tickets in Dragon city?

The tickets in the dragon city serve many purposes and are an essential element of the game. There are two ways to collect tickets in the game, one is through New Event, and another is through an Exclusive pack.


These events and packs are an excellent opportunity to get tickets and exchange them for getting other desired elements or products, such as dragons. These events last for a few days to help you collect tickets.

First method in the process of getting the answer of how to get tickets in dragon city is throuh packs. With the advent of an exclusive pack, you get different special collections, such as the dragon pack, in which you must collect a certain number of tickets to obtain a dragon. You can find these tickets in the shop to purchase. After buying the token, you can store them in storage and later on can sell them in exchange for gold. Later on, that gold is used to obtain various items and dragons. You can make these dragons participate in different quests to prove your strength and power to the opponents.

how to get tickets in Dragon City

Different Events in the Game

Events are one-time limited opportunities that help you win rewards such as tickets, dragons, and gold etc., through completing various tasks. These are a great way to the headway in the game.

There are eight different types of trials, including

  • Grid Islands
  • Heroic Races
  • Fog Islands
  • Puzzle Islands
  • Tower Islands
  • Maze Islands
  • Runner Islands
  • Progressive Islands


You will find 14 element types in dragon city. Each dragon comes with 4 different elements to learn moves. These 14 elements are Terra, Flame, Sea, Nature, Electric, Ice, Metal, Dark, Light, War, Pure, Legend, Primal, and Wind.

The dragon city game is sorted into different categories; the purpose is to group those dragons into a single class with similar traits and stats. The dragons in higher categories are more substantial such as legendary dragons grouped in Cat 5 to 9.

The letter or the sign H stands for Heroic, the rarest dragon in the game.

These are the small bundles that help you to progress in the game and attain some exclusive dragons. With the help of these packs, you can acquire food, gems, gold, and dragons.

The easiest way to get a legendary dragon in the game is by breeding pure dragons.


Undoubtedly, the dragon city game is one of the most interesting games in the simulation category. It takes you on a magical journey with several excellent and powerful dragons. The game is easy to play and comes with different events and rewards that help you to progress in the game. One such rewarding item is a ticket that can get you different elements.

If you are interested in obtaining them, go through the ways we have explained on how to get tickets in Dragon City.

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