How to Level Up Fast in Dragon City

Dragon City is an interesting simulation game in which players scavenge the ways how to level up fast in Dragon City as it is free to download and play. The journey in the game becomes more addictive level by level and users wish to grow fast in the gameplay.

This game was created by Socialpoint, a Spanish videogame developer company. Players build an island in the dragon city, where they design a city and breed as many dragons as possible. The more dragons a player breed in the game, the more gold they produce, which they can use to buy different game items. These items can be used for upgrading skills and abilities.


Gamers can also use gold to buy food items for the dragons, which improves their strength, breeds more dragons, and gives them more gold.

This is a cycle that continues, and that’s how the gamers proceed in the game.

how to level up fast in dragon city

Complete guide on How to level up fast in Dragon City

Leveling up in dragon city is essential to upgrade and get more items. To achieve more in the game, gamers must level up fast. There are steps that gamers can follow to achieve the desired results. here are the imperative steps on how to level up fast in Dragon City.

Step1: The best way to level up fast is to breed as many dragons as possible. For example, mating the Nature dragon with the Metal dragon to produce a Jade dragon. The Jade dragon needs less breeding time and can get players 100,000 gold on selling it.

Step2: The players can also use the farm often to purchase food to strengthen and breed dragons.

Step3: Another way to level up fast in the game is to use gold to buy a big farm or habitat and sell it again.

How can I purchase a habitat in dragon city?

The purchase of the habitat is very easy, and you can effortlessly buy a habitat for your island by following the below steps

  • Tap on the shop icon present in the bottom right corner.
  • Now tap on the habitats.
  • Choose and buy the one that you need for your island
  • Now select the place where you want to place the habitat.


After the answer of the question, about how to level up fast in dragon city, 2nd question that came into mind is about the max no of levels. The highest level in dragon city is 200; to reach that level, gamers have to breed the maximum dragons possible.

Yes, you can skip the time in dragon city through a speed-up happy hour event that allows you to skip the last 12 hours of breeding, construction, and hatching. You can skip time by watching a video ad. This event can help to increase the rate of hatching, breeding, and building.

Food is very important for dragons in the game as it’s a source of power and strength for them. It takes about 10 million food to reach level 20 in the game.

When the players first join the dragon city adventure, they can only see 6 islands, but as they level up and upgrade in the game, they can unlock other islands too.

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