How to play Dragon City

We see players’ aspiring how to play Dragon City on the score of its immense popularity. Since childhood, we must have heard many dragon stories and watched cartoons based on these living beings. They are attention-grabbing creatures and catch the attention of everyone, especially kids.

Dragons aren’t real, but they have the power to intrigue us, and that’s why the makers of dragon city game came up with this engaging and fascinating game. This is one of the exciting simulation games and very simple to play. But as a beginner, perhaps you need a guide on how to play dragon city.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you play the world-famous game dragon city available on Google play. After reading this article you can excel in many of the game fields without any exception. You can go through all the imperative information regarding this android game on a single platform.

Understand the Dragon types

Understanding different types of dragons is a key to triumph. Various kinds of elemental dragons exist in the game, including Flame, Pure, legend, light, dark, ice, sea, and electric.

Apart from that, you also get hybrid tarragon through breeding, such as hot metal and juggernaut dragon. Along with that, there are also rare hybrids, such as cool fire dragons. And crystal and mirror ones are categorized as legends. You will also get exclusive types, for example, Thor and great white wyvern.

It’s better to understand the weaknesses and strengths of these strong dragons in the game to win the battles and rewards. The dragons are strong against one element and weak against two.

how to play dragon city

Habitat selection

You cannot select a random habitat for any dragon. In fact, the habitat selection should be according to the element of the tarragon. If you match up the habitat with the elements, there are more chances of earning gold, and you can earn up to 20 percent more gold per minute.

Different stages

To understand dragons, it’s essential to apprehend different stages of their life. You must have a comprehension of how they evolve. Like eggs need more care and attention, and when they hatch, the baby dragons also need carefulness and love. They need proper and constant feed and suitable habitat.

While teenage dragons are difficult to handle as they start fighting with others, however, they have specific skills that help you in arenas and tournaments. Adult or baby dragons need love and care.


Dragons are the center point of the game, and you are responsible for taking care of them in the game. Breeding is an essential element in the game; through this process, you get different types of dragons, especially the legend ones. The more tarragons you have, there are more chances of winning the fights.


The highlight of the game is the gameplay which is very interesting and engaging. The gameplay has all the elements an entertaining game should have, such as breeding, construction, fights, and many more.

The developers have made the game for 14 years old children and above. But, users under 18 years should have parental permission to play dragon city.

Dragon city doesn’t charge any, and you can play it free.

The letter E means Epic in the game while VR means very rare

E= Epic

VR= Very rare


The dragon city is a simple game compared to other simulation games on the market. But mostly, newbies don’t know how to play dragon city; therefore, we have come up with some tips to help the new players.

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