We are come up with a complete guide on how to sell dragons in Dragon City video game on the score of keen interest of users in merchandising Dragons. This Dragon City android game is a whole new Dragon world that takes the gamer to think about ancient times, from feeding and training little hatched ones into destructive monsters.

Apart from training and making Dragons ready for the tournaments, a player also gets a chance of trading these beasts. A player can simply do the selling of dragons in exchange for coins within the game and the option “Sell” occurs after a certain number of dragons you collect as a new player.

Why sell Dragons

There can arise a question in your mind about why to sell the best dragons and why other players will buy your dragons. The answer is simple, It is a win-win situation for both the buyer and seller. You get the coins by selling and sundry players use these Dragons in various gaming competitions after purchasing.


Details on how to sell dragons in Dragon City

Every game requires players to reach a certain level in order to offer some extra privileges that are not available to beginners or new players, the same is the case with Dragon City. You have to glean a certain number of Dragons as a neo user for the purpose of initiating the trading threshold. Once you reach the point to sell a dragon, here are important steps indicating how to sell dragons in dragon city.

Step1: First of all, Click on the Dragon within its habitat.

Step2: You will see a big list of Dragons, Select a Dragon from the list, that you want to earn money.

Step3: The last step is to Hit the “Sell” button, and press confirmation to sell it. Hurrah! you have successfully sold out your dragon.

how to sell dragons in dragon city

List of Dragons that can generate a big fortune

Image Name Breeding Moves Earnings Buying Price Selling Price
gold Gold 9 hours
Fed on electric and metal
Magneto, Rust, Nail Rain Upgraded on each level up to 93 gold bars 500 Gems 10,000
prideful vampire Prideful Vampire Not breedable at all Primal, ice, Rust Upgraded on each level up to 410 gold bars 4500
emerald dragon Emerald 16 hours
Fed on metal
Rust, Nail rain, Rotting spell  Upgraded on each level up to 133 gold bars 1500 Gems 100,000 Gold
impervious dragon Impervious Diamond Not breedable at all Ice, Legend, Wind, Nature Upgraded on each level up to 410 gold bars 4500 Gems 1000000


You see after getting the game from the play store that every Dragon in the Dragon city is unique in its own way. It’s just a process of making dragons strong enough to fight on a battlefield with a full boom! Although some dragons are meant to opt and played for certain tournaments. Therefore, their selling and purchase price is high. We think you can get a better idea of how to sell dragons in Dragon City by way of this above-mentioned article. Feel free to get in touch if you have any queries.

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