How to Train Your Dragon in Dragon City

Expert dragons are resilient and help you win battles against opponents. How to Train Your Dragon in Dragon City is an imperative concern of the players because a trained dragon in the game enables you to win several rewards and level up quickly. To upskill the dragons, there is the latest addition in dragon city called “Dragon training centre” that makes your beasts stronger than ever with new skills and powers. Unlock New Feature Here….

We have some tips for you to make the best use of this new addition to the game. We hope that you will find this guide helpful.


Basic Details

Although the Dragon training centre is a great addition and a very helpful feature for training dragons, it is not available to every player. You can only use this hallmark if you are at level 20 or above in the game. To avail of that feature, you need to spend 500,000 dragon city gold and six hours building it.

Once it is built, it will give you 20,000 experience points in the game, and after its completion, you can put your dragons in the centre to attain new skills.

How to train your dragon in dragon city
Image: How to Train Your Dragon in Dragon City

Dragon skill training

Dragons can get training for different skills depending on their breeds in the dragon city. Only those tarragons are eligible for skilled coaching who are at 15 or above. It takes 24 to 48 hours for one dragon to get tutored for a single skill. You can train your dragons one by one and put only one draca in the training centre at one time.

How to Train Your Dragon in Dragon City

After completing a training centre, you will get a skill training menu in the game. Pick any mastery from there that you want your dragon to have. After picking up the expertise, refer to the tooltip, which gives you information about the damage that prowess can cause. In general, the new skills do more harm than the default ones.

Training and downtime

When you choose your dragon for the skill straining at the centre, you cannot use it for breeding or battles with opponents. Therefore, it is always good to have a few dragons as a substitute for battling, breeding and tournament participation.

The downtime depends on the skill training. Some skills need more time and some less.

List of Dragons and moves

Below is a list of dragons and their moves that you can train in the game and make them more powerful. The training prepares them to gain more supremacy and proficiency and encounter rivals with more influence.

Armadillo Dragon 

Judo Kick: Normal: 24 hours
Asteroid: Earth: 24 hours
Ninja Stars: Metal: 48 hours
Asteroid: Earth: 24 hours

Crystal Dragon

Deus Sword: Normal: 48 hours
Aurora Borealis: Legendary: 24 hours
Legend Spell: Legendary: 48 hours

Soccer Dragon

Cryogenic Freeze: Ice: 48 hours
Cool Fire Dragon
Electric Shock: Electric: 12 hours

Hot Metal Dragon

Flamethrower: Fire: 24 hours


When you breed two pure dragons, there is a chance of a legendary dragon. It means that anytime you breed dragons with two pure elements, there are 6% chances that you will produce legendary dragons.

The first dragon entry in the first heroic collection was the high Fenrir, a heroic dragon in the game available at the play store.

There are many fast-breeding dragons; the fastest is the Terra, which takes only 15 seconds. But for this dragon to breed fastest, both parents must be Terra.


Keeping in view the demand of video gamers we have covered the topic of how to train your Dragon in Dragon City. Dragons in the dragon city game are the essential elements of the game. It will be safe to say that your entire game depends on these dragons. Therefore, they must be powerful. With the new training centre, you can make your beats more robust and sturdy.

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