Kindergarten in Dragon City

The dragon city game has many buildings, including the Kindergarten in dragon city. It is a beautiful universal habitat, a central point of attraction for dragon city lovers. A player can have up to 5 kindergartens in the game.

If you like simulation games and are looking for an entertaining and exciting one, then we recommend dragon city, as it’s full of entertainment and adventures. Besides breeding and feeding the dragons and building habitats, you can also participate in different quests. These battles are challenging, full of escapades, and interesting at the same time.


What is Kindergarten in Dragon City?

The Kindergarten is a building that is used for keeping the baby dragons. You can keep any level 1 dragon in this building. However, you cannot feed them in Kindergarten. You can store up to five dragons on level one in the building, and the dragon above this level can’t be moved here. The little dragons can be directly placed here from the hatchery or any other habitat.

Kindergarten in Dragon City

How to Unlock Kindergarten?

The Kindergarten is unlocked at level 13 in the game. It can be unlocked from the in-game shop by spending gems. So all you can do is spend 100 gems when you reach level 13 and get your Kindergarten opened to keep your baby dragons in it. This universal building takes almost 4 hours to build.

How to use Kindergarten?

Using this unique building is very easy. You only have to follow a few simple steps for that.

  • Select the move option for the dragon you want to move to the Kindergarten.
  • Then tap on the Kindergarten to confirm the current process.

That’s how simple it is. It only requires a maximum of 5 seconds, and you are done with the process.


The Dragonarium keeps track of collected dragons and subcategories by using the star system. The player can view the info box of Dragonarium to know how many stars it has and how many stars are needed for the next upgrade.

The ultra-breeding tree is the second breeding area after the breeding mountains in the game. The players can get an ultra-breeding tree at level 1.

Many dragons in the game are not breedable, and the time dragon is one of them. So you cannot breed it.


Dragon City on play store is an exciting game with many entertaining features. One such impressive feature is the Kindergarten that is used for keeping the baby dragons in it. If you also want to store your little dragons in Kindergarten and want to obtain the benefits of it, then don’t delay and download this game and start playing. Many charming habitats counting kindergarten in dragon city are waiting for you.

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