What are Rainbow Tokens used for in Dragon City?

What are Rainbow Tokens used for in Dragon City is the common concern of most of the players as Dragon City is a game in which players win the rainbow token specifically as a reward. It is a game not developed and patronized but it also lets its fans enjoy surprising levels during the gameplay. A Rainbow habitat is one of its surprises to users, this habitat looks like a mesmerizing crystal and has 11 levels.

It is still a hindrance to how to get the Rainbow habitat. This crystal-looking colorful habitat can’t be bought with any gems, coins, or rainbow tokens. Now let’s get into the topic and read till the end to know what are rainbow tokens used for in dragon city.


Rainbow Habitat can be obtained surprisingly after reaching the 7th level of the game. But not everyone gets the perk of enjoying this habitat. It is believed that opening and closing the game app multiple times enables this habitat for players. This habitat is totally free and doesn’t require any gems or tokens to purchase it. This habitat has storage of 24 dragons and 10lac gold. Ideally, it’s a perfect home for Rainbow Dragon including:

  • Double Rainbow Dragon
  • Leap Year Dragon
  • Double Leap Year Dragon
  • Celtic Dragon
  • Aurora Dragon
  • Prism Dragon

What is the purpose of tokens in the game

You can think of the tokens as the rewards in the Dragon City game. We know every game contains some sort of reward, like numerous games offer certain privileges to the players, while multiple games provide certain boons of fast speed, a large quantity of gold, real money, and much more on extra-ordinary performance in the game. The same is the case when you acquire dragon city, In it, users get the tokens and utilize them for the purpose of upgrading their habitat in the gameplay. The game presents a huge variety of tokens including Tera, legend, Sea, and Rainbow.

Details on what are Rainbow Tokens used for in Dragon City?

Rainbow tokens are something players get confused about where to utilize them as not everyone is aware of Rainbow Habitat. Rainbow tokens are purely utilized in upgrading the Rainbow Habitat, upgrading to level 5 in this habitat gives you Pure Gold Dragon. This habitat allows every dragon to live.

How to upgrade Rainbow Habitat?

There are two Rainbow Habitats, The Normal Rainbow Habitat, and The Double Rainbow Habitat both can be upgraded by Token Trunks, having Rainbow Token within, the Rainbow tokens allow you to upgrade your habitat like every other habitat.

What are Rainbow Tokens used for in Dragon City


This game is an addictive stream of collecting gems, tokens, and gold, and exchanging with Dragons and habitats. The good player always keeps the collected gems and tokens to invest in something big to be bought. If you’re still new to this saga you can go through the article Dragon City Tips For beginners, to learn more about this game. Furthermore, after going through this article it should be clear What are Rainbow Tokens used for in Dragon City.

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