What are the best dragons in Dragon City?

Many players enquire about what are the best dragons in Dragon City. Retrospective, Social point game developers developed a mesmerizing game Dragon City when the smartphone was new at the invention of this century. The game Dragon city gave a new concept of raising and training cute baby dragons into barbarous ones. There are plenty of best dragons within the game having different names, characters, and qualities that appear to be enjoyable and fun in knowing while playing the game. These babies still look cute when turned into a monster.

Dragon’s ranking is based on their training in multiple moves, the more trained the more damage they will cause while moving. Different Dragons are grouped according to their characters and qualities.


Every Dragon is unique and enjoyable. We have listed the names of different Dragons according to their grouping:

Details on What are the best dragons in Dragon City:

Light TitanPridefulMechanoNirobiLegacyPromethium
War TitanWrathfulRaiderDroconosCrystalMillennium
Primal TitanSinfulPastKratusAirForge
Metal TitanGluttonousFutureFelidaeMirrorAbyss
Dark TitanEnviousEye of ChaosKaijuApocalypseApocalypse
What are the best dragons in Dragon City

How many dragons are in the Dragon City?

The name says it all “Dragon City”, this game has more than a thousand dragons, making it a fun game on the play store. Many changes including the number of Dragons are made over a period of a decade.

The dragon book has undergone many changes, including the Kindergarten(s) and Dragonarium. Kindergarten unlocks at level 13, you can choose baby dragons and start feeding orbs to those and grow them into big destructive monsters. Whereas in Dragonarium the player stores their dragons who are ready for the tournament.

List of 10 Best Dragons

Every dragon is good in its own way, depending on the intensity of damage that makes them the best dragons. The density of damage depends upon the moves of each dragon causing destruction. The player needs to level up the Dragons by feeding them. A lot of food is required to make them the strong beast. Although every Dragon is strong but most devastating ones are listed below:

Identification By Image Name Properties Total Damage Rate
High_Scorchwing_Dragon_3 High Scorchwing Strong Sunlight properties, omits medium fire but destroy whatever it touches. It can be trained on three moves 8700
High_Crypt_Keeper_Dragon_1 High Crypt Keeper Dark and mysterious perfect in guarding tombs, it’s dreadful to enter its premises. It can learn three moves 8600
High_Resolution_Dragon_2 High Resolution Electric, flaming, freezing this uses all three to destroy everything. It can learn four moves 8500
High-Voodoo-Vampire  High Voodoo Vampire  The magical and bloodthirsty vampire dragon loves dark and metal. Four moves can be trained on this dragon. 8500 
Corrupted_War_Dragon_3 High Corrupted Time  The corrupt dragon causes massive destruction using its time travel quality. It can be trained in four moves.  8500 
High_Colony_Dragon_3  High Colony The electric Queen bee gets active in its colony after winters. It is trained on four moves.   8500
High_Overl_Dragon_3 High Over Blue flames emission and conventional weapons destroy major battlefields. It is trained on four moves  8500 
High_Whisperer_Dragon_3 High Whisperer  The evil dragon who whispers corruption in the minds. It can be trained on four moves  8500 
hig-durid  High Druid  Ready to disguise the dragon being a leader of heroic dragons it can be trained on three moves 8500 
high-maliciious  High Malicious Ever on the fire most malicious and destructive dragon. She can be trained on three moves  8300


A social network game, at the beginning of 2012 it was first launched on Facebook only for iOS users later on the game developers filled consumers’ demands for other devices as well. This game gives ultimate pleasure and fun to its players while feeding and breeding the baby dragons into grown-up beasts each dragon is comprised of separate qualities all set to cause destruction and huge damage. We have tried our best to put forward the answer to the question what are the best dragons in Dragon City? Need any further info, you can ask anything in the contact us section.

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