What do Keys do in Dragon City?

The dragon city game has a lot of prizes for the players to progress in the game; one such honor is the keys. But What do Keys do in Dragon City, and why should you obtain them? As all of us are conversant with the very fact that prizes in any game lead us toward more fast advancements in the game, the same is the case with the dragon city game. This article will explain everything about the keys and their uses.

It won’t be wrong to say that dragon city is one of the most entertaining games in the simulation category. It takes you to the magical world of dragons which makes you feel authorized and powerful. Moreover, if you possess the capabilities of getting plus gleaning the extra boons by way of awards, diamonds, gems, and keys it becomes more charming and entertaining for you. Let’s have a look at the detailed discussion about the importance of keys present in the dragon city game.


Details about what do Keys do in Dragon City

Every prize in the game has a specific purpose, and so the keys also serve perseverance. These are permanent resources and can be obtained from temporary events. You can also purchase keys from a shop in exchange for gems. The amazing thing about them is that they don’t expire, and you can carry them from one event to another.

Key Uses

Let’s jump toward answering What do Keys do in Dragon City. These are used for the following tenacities.

  • You will need keys to start a dragon rescue, but the amount varies and depends on the dragon type. If you need the required amount of keys, you can use gems to buy them and proceed to the rescue. It is a triangle in the sense that you have the element of rescuing the dragon in one corner, the keys in the second corner, and the requirement of gems to buy the keys in the 3rd corner, all of these things are interconnected.
  • For your progress in dragon rescue, you need to have keys. They are required to unlock the gates of the dragon rescue island. After you acquire the key you can open the gates and can disentangle your favorite dragon with ease.
What do Keys do in Dragon City

Missing Dragon Rescue

It is a feature in the game that enables you to complete your collection and strengthen the dragons by empowering them. In this attribute, you get an opportunity to collect the dragon orbs of your choice or summon any missing dragon.

The missing dragon rescue is an amazing aspect that can help you to progress the game and fight your opponents with power and strength.

How many Keys are required for Dragons?

As we have discussed above, the amount of keys depends on the type of each dragon you are going to rescue. Below we have mentioned how many of them you will need for different dragon types.


You will need ten keys for common dragons.


They need a bit more than the common ones. You will need 13 keys in order to rescue a rare dragon.

Very rare

These types of dragons are more on the higher side with their powers and attributes; They are also known as very rare dragons. therefore, they need 20 keys.


The number of keys required is directly proportional to the strength of the dragon. This type is more powerful than all the previous ones, and that’s why they require 35 keys.


These are the most powerful dragons. Their characteristics and powers are unique compared to all other types, and they need 60 keys equivalent to their strength.


They are used for a special purpose: to unlock the ways to the dark trunks.

Yes, these keys are very handy plus useful while playing the game.


As the game that you pick from the store regularly offers different rewards for the players to proceed in the game and to make the dragons more powerful, one such reward is the keys that are obtained in special events and also can be purchased from the shop. These are used to unlock gates and to progress further. We have covered all the imperative details regarding What do Keys do in Dragon City, which entailed helping video gamers with the usefulness of keys present in the dragon city game.

Isn’t it amazing? Don’t hesitate to join this game if you also want to feel powerful.

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