What do Tokens do in Dragon City?

Dragon city is a great simulation game that includes tokens as rewards. What do tokens do in Dragon City, is the next story to tell you. They along with other winnings lets you build an entire island for the dragons. You also feed and breed the dragons on this island to make them robust and strong. A resilient dragon can win you many fights and tournaments and can get you rewards as well. You can also sell the dragons. The more dragons you have in the game, there are more chances to win booties.

There are many levels in the game which you have to complete to upgrade the game. The game also lets you win different rewards that help you to proceed in the game. Tokens are also a type of reward that you succeed in the game. What do tokens do in Dragon City, and how do you use them? Keep reading to know.


Know-how of What do tokens do in Dragon city?

Tokens are the rewards you win from the Arenas and are used to upgrade a habitat. When you complete an Arena, you get tokens to upgrade your locale. But you can only elevate a habitation above level two as the first two levels require gold. Several types of tokens exist in the game, such as

  • Tera
  • Flame
  • Sea
  • Plant
  • Electric
  • Ice
  • Metal
  • Dark
  • Light
  • War
  • Pure
  • Legend

Using tokens to upgrade a habitat will allow you to increase the number of dragons to hold in a specific territory at one time. When you don’t have space to accommodate new dragons, you cannot contain more dragons, weakening your position against the opponents. But the tokens have solved this issue, and you can store as many dragons as you want in a locality.

what do tokens do in dragon city

Also, when you upgrade a habitat, you increase the capacity for gold storage. Therefore, you can collect the maximum number of gold when the locale is spacious and use it for upgrading buildings and leveling up.


Many dragons in the dragon city game earn you money, but the High Star Dragon is the most money-making one in the game. You can earn about 2066 gold per hour with High Star Dragon.

Talking about the strongest dragon, the Skrill is the most assertive, most aggressive, and almost untrainable dragon in the game. The Skrill dragon channel lighting down their metallic spines and fire them from their mouth. If you have the Skrill in the game, the win against rivals is confirmed for you.

Yes, you can breed Titan dragon. It is a typical breedable dragon that is produced by breeding two unique dragons, or you can also purchase it from the main shop for 3,400 gems. But you have to be at level 5 to breed and buy a Titan dragon.


Dragon City is an engaging game on store that lets you breed and feed dragons on a specifically built island. The dragons are there to fight against the enemies in special Arenas and win tokens as a reward at the end of Arenas and you vividly know now what do tokens do in Dragon City.

You can use these tokens to upgrade the habitats as the habitation will be expansive and big; it will allow more dragons and gold that you can use for various purposes.

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