What is the Most Powerful dragon in Dragon City?

The dragon city game is all about dragons, but do you know what is the most powerful dragon in dragon city? The dragons are the core of this game, and having the most authoritative one means being the most dominant among contenders.

So, why do you need an influential dragon? Because you want to win all quests and expeditions, also you want to prove your worth and supremacy to other players. Besides that, the most powerful dragon gives you several benefits in the game that you get from the play store.


What is the Most Powerful Dragon in Dragon City? A question worth considering

You encounter many dragons during your journey when you play the dragon city game. As dragons in the game are divided into different categories based on their attributes and powers, you will find many authoritative and influential dragons. But the exact description to point what is the most powerful dragon in Dragon City is the apocalypse dragon. The definitive qualities of Apocalypse make it one of the commanding dragons.

Elements of apocalypse

it is a legendary dragon with a primary type of flame. It can also learn other moves, such as light, dark, and ice. With these elements, the Apocalypse proves to be a destructive creature.

What is the Most Powerful dragon in Dragon City


This dragon is breedable, and you can breed it using two dragons possessing at least one of these elements flame, light, dark, and ice.


The Apocalypse can learn different moves by using the four elements, making it the strongest among other dragons. Its strong moves and attributes can damage dragons possessing the primary elements of nature, ice, war, metal, dark, and light.


This dragon has flame as its primary element, determining its weakness. Therefore, it’s weak to the Terra and Sea elements.

Primary moves

These are the basic moves that this dragon can learn upon hatching. All of these moves are listed below in the table. Let’s have a look at them.

Nuclear HitDamage: 1050 | fire
Snow StormDamage: 1050 | ice
Light PrismDamage: 750 | light
Ghost CloudDamage: 1050 | dark

Trainable moves

These are the moves that Apocalypse can learn after training. These moves are called trainable moves.

Flame ThrowerDamage: 1200 | fire | 24 hours
Cryogenic Freeze+Damage: 1950 | ice | 2 days
Out of TimeDamage: 1350 | light | 2 days
Black HoleDamage: 1350 | dark | 2 days

Other Characteristics

  • The crossing time of the Apocalypse is three days and 2 hours.
  • The hatching duration varies and can last from 12 hours to 3 days.
  • If you use the gems for purchasing the apocalypse dragon, You can purchase it for 4,500 gems.
  • It is available at level 3 of the breeding sanctuary in the dragon city game.
  • It can produce 332 gold per minute.


The top legendary dragons of the game are

  • Light Titan
  • War Titan
  • Primal Titan
  • Metal Titan
  • Dark Titan
  • Prideful Vampire
  • Wrathful Vampire
  • Gluttonous Vampire

The mud dragon is the weakest in the game. Trivia and Poo are also weak dragons.

Metal is the weakest titan in the game.


Dragon city is one of the best simulation games that are widely popular in all age groups and genders. The game has many dragons with different attributes. Some are powerful, and some dragons are weak. If talking about the powerful dragon, the apocalypse dragon is the most powerful. It is a legendary dragon with four elements: flame, ice, light, and dark. It is a disparaging beast because of its strong elements.

If you are a dragon city fan, the information provided in this article about what is the most powerful dragon in Dragon City will benefit you when playing the game.

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